We each recently purchased a pair of BetterFlipFlops.  We were looking for an easy and comfortable pair of shoes to slip on in the warm summer months. The BetterFlipFlop product definitely meets our needs. They have a very stylish design that delivers a very comfortable walking experience. The sandal simply moulds to your foot to provide excellent support. We found that the contoured sole eliminates the annoying leg and ankle pain experienced with other sandals that are not designed to support the contours of our feet. We strongly recommend you try a pair of these custom designed sandals. We think you will very quickly recognize the benefits of this high quality, very functional and reasonably priced sandal.

Lyle and Vicky Stavness

Happy feet doesn’t begin to cover it!  Unlike other flip flops, these fit gently.  They are so comfortable and light, I actually forgot my chronic foot pain!

Maureen Steltman

I received my betterflipflops shortly before leaving home to spend the winter months in Florida. I have worn them every day since. They are very comfortable.

Michael James

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