1. No pressure points

On the sole of the foot for maximal comfort – The natural contours of the foot are molded directly into the one piece sole or foot-bed of the BFF. This allows the pressure of a person’s body weight to spread over the entire surface of the foot thus minimizing any pressure points. Pressure points lead to blisters, calluses, sore connective tissue, muscles, bones, and joints. Minimizing these points will increase the amount of time an individual can stand, walk or run in sandals pain free. You can walk all day in the BFF and still feel great.

2. Self-molding

Sole further decreases foot pressure points – after a brief break-in period if there are any remaining small pressure points the sole of the BFF will mold according to those pressure points. There is enough extra material built in so that your foot will not lose the support but will effectively minimize the pressure.

3. Ultra-light weight material

For optimal tracking – The high-quality foam rubber that the BFF is made from is ultra-light yet highly durable. During the walking cycle the momentum of the foot coming through preparing for the next step will cause any sandal to slide forward off the foot. This force is minimized in the BFF because the sandal is extremely light weight. As a result, there is less gripping of the toes and the sandal contours stay in optimal position.

4. Sleek Minimalistic Style

The classic flip flop look – these BFFs are your every day flip-flop. When you’re wearing them they have the same fashion aspects as what’s in line with today’s market.

5. Dries in Minutes

For extreme water resistance – the perfect ratio of rubber and foam prevent water absorption into the material. This makes the BFF basically waterproof. You can wear them directly in the water and they will dry in minutes without taking them off.

6. Thicker Sole

For increased shock absorption – The thicker than normal foam rubber sole decreases the impact force into the heel of the foot when striking the ground during walking or running. This will translate to less impact force transferred into the rest of the body. This will decrease wear and tear of the joints when compared to thinner soled sandals.

7. Extra Durability

Strap is molded into the sole for extra durability – the strap anchors are molded into the sole material so they are much less likely to detach at the seams or adjoining surfaces like other flip-flops. The thong that goes between the toes is woven foam rubber fibers as described before, this is specifically engineered for extreme comfort and durability.

8. Extra Tread Layer

Extra tread layer provides increased grip and durability – there is a tread layer that is heat molded onto the sole. This layer is extra dense foam rubber which provides superior traction and protects the sole from ground friction and thus early breakdown.