The BetterFlipFlop

You can break down any flip flop into 2 parts; the strap and the sole.

Together the thong strap has been engineered for the ultimate comfort and durability and the sole has been built with the natural contours of the foot thus providing superior support with no pressure points.

Some attributes of the BFF include:

Why choose the BetterFlipFlop?

  • The BetterFlipFlop is the future of the flip flop.
  • Each sandal is made from high quality foam-rubber and is individually molded.
  • The manufacturing process is more advanced than other sandals.
  • Other sandals are made by a cutout stamp of a flat material which provides no foot support and minimal comfort.
  • Some sandals are made by gluing multiple plastic and rubber pieces together with toxic adhesives which can breakdown and fall apart.
  • Each and every BFF is created by injection molding and the strap is woven foam rubber fibers for supreme comfort and durability.
  • This strap is far superior to other straps like plastic or leather.

Our Testimonials


Dr. Brandon Spletzer
Naturopathic Doctor

“Inadequate foot support can lead to a large variety of problems in the ankles, knees, hips and low back.”

Dr. Jamie Hennessy
Doctor of Chiropractic

This will minimize excessive movement in the ankle and drastically decrease the breakdown of the joints in the low back, legs and feet.

Dr. Christian Guenette

“whenever I’m assessing the proper function and bio mechanics of the entire body, my first consideration is always.”

Not a flip flop wearer?

The reason that most people do not wear thong flip-flops is that they don’t like the strap between the toes. They find it very uncomfortable and give up almost immediately. The web between the big toe and the second toe is a sensitive area and like most thong sandals, if you haven’t worn a thong sandal in a while, it will cause some sensitivity and irritation. Like any shoe or sandal it takes a few days of wearing it to break it in. The thong strap of the BFF is constructed of woven foam rubber fibers that break-in very easily and become extremely comfortable unlike plastic or leather thong straps.

Another big reason why some people don’t wear flip-flops is because they feel they have to grip with their toes to keep the flip-flop in place. The BFF is so light that there is little to no movement around the foot. This helps to keep the sandal in place without any extra effort. The BFF is extremely easy to wear. You just slip it on and forget about it.

Most importantly, traditional thong sandals provide little to no support of the foot and ankle. This will lead to aches and pains in the legs, feet, and low back which is a large deterrent for a lot of people. The BFF supplies the support needed to neutralize the foot and ankle motion and limit the excessive wear and tear on the rest of the body. That means that you can wear the BetterFlipFlop all day long without any discomfort.